About: Brennan Savage 

Yonkers, New York, native Brennan Savage is a 27 year-old photographer who created the Visual-Savage brand as a platform to present his unique perspective to the world. With the overall goal to inspire, Brennan has been shooting for 5+ years as a freelance photographer. His love for photography dates back to the early 90's,  spending hours looking through family photo albums and home videos captured by relatives. 

 Over the years he has continued to refine his skill and improve his efficiency. His journey as a freelance artist started at Syracuse University, exploring the world of photography, shooting for campus events, designing visual media for various organizations, and taking courses to refine his skills. 

Fully aware that we are living in a fast paced social media era. Where a photographer is born every second, and photographs don't evoke attention long enough to tell enticing stories. Through the Visual Savage brand, Brennan aims to continue to take pride in his work, and stay actively involved in the creative process, generating an esthetic that his audience can resonate with.

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